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African Heritage Network of Luton

Kwanzaa events all year round

The African Heritage Network of Luton (AHN) is comprised of a number of local Black community groups; African Caribbean Wellbeing Trust (ACWT), First Nation (FN), Luton Black Men Community Group (LBMCG), My Planet Academy (MPA) and Akeba who have come together to put on Kwanzaa themed events throughout the year for the whole family. Thus far the AHN have hosted end of year celebrations, Family Fun days and Kwanzaa Markets and aim to put on many more events in the future.

Kwanzaa is based upon the 7 principles of the Nguzo Saba with celebrations normally taking place over 7 days from 26th December to 1st January with each day being used to highlight one of the principles. Kwanzaa is celebrated all around the world by people from the African diaspora e.g. African Americans, Caribbean etc. and it is a secular festival. Kwanzaa is not a replacement for any other religious activities.

The AHN Luton Kwanzaa events have gone from strength to strength since the first event in December 2013 and the events have been instrumental in promoting local business; empowering people to become entrepreneurs while successfully bringing people together locally and nationally.

NABSS National Asscociation of Black Supplementary Schools
OBA Wear
Mia Hair and Beauty
Whos's Conscious game
Juice Shack
Daddy Jay Sorrel
Black Poppy Rose

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